Charlie the Star

8 Nov

Hi Everyone.  Nope we haven’t disappeared, just been incredibly busy with school, doctors appointments, church, illnesses… much going on.

Let’s see if I can fill you in on some of the things that have happened since I last posted. Charlie has been in the school newspaper and on TV  both times advocating for the disabled.  Here is the link to the Newspaper Article, it’s the School Newspaper, The Ranger

This article was in the paper on October 4th.  He was also on TV earlier this week, here are the links for that: On your desktop: –>
ON your phone: –>

Charlie also got an email from the college.  Each year they look at the Spring and Fall semester prior to the current one and see what everyone’s GPA is. Students with a 3.5 or better get to walk the stage and receive a certificate for their achievement. Charlie had a 3.5 so he will be walking the stage on November 20th!  What a surprise that was.

Things have been going okay.  Charlie had trouble at dialysis and bled for 3 hours.  He had to go for an angiogram on Wednesday.  The found a narrowing in one of his arteries, it was fixed with a balloon treatment. He seemed to be doing okay after the surgery and no bleeding at dialysis yesterday.  We were all set to go back to school today (he was out sick on Monday, procedure Wednesday) and Charlie got sick as we were heading to the door. We didn’t go anywhere today.  Hopefully we will have better luck on Monday!

We have scheduled our first fund raiser for Sunday, December 8th at 12:30.  We are having a spaghetti dinner.  Spaghetti with or without meatballs (for those who don’t do meat), Salad, Dessert, and choice of coffee, tea or lemonade. $5 per person, $12 per family.  You can purchase your tickets by contacting Sherrie at (210)859-8085.  To purchase your tickets online go to:

Well, that’s pretty much it for now.  Thanks for sticking with us through all of this.  Please continue to pray for the kidney.  If you know anyone who might be interesting in donating one please give them our contact information.

Blessings to each of you.

Charlie & Sherrie

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