Presenting Charlie……

3 Oct



Here’s Charlie, all dressed up for his presentation in Introduction to Theatre class.  What a handsome guy, huh? He did a great job.  He had a great group to work with.  Thanks Michelle, Gina and Lorraine it was great working with y’all.

Yesterday was a good day.  Charlie did really well with his presentation.  He loves his theatre class.  The instructor is great. He has a quality that many of the instructors do not.  He cares about his students and show it.  Charlie was blessed to be able to be in this professor’s class in the Spring semester before he got sick.  He was very pleased when he registered for classes for this semester and this professor’s class was still available.  If any of you are looking to take a speech or theatre class at San Antonio College try to get in Professor Charles Falcon’s class. You will be blessed by the experience.

At the end of class yesterday Charlie got a call from Washington, DC.  It was from someone associated with the American Kidney Fund.  They asked him to do a live interview on the KABB morning show on Friday morning at 7:15.  He has agreed to do it and is looking forward to it.  Charlie turns that morning show on before he even turns the lights on in the morning.  I guess this is Charlie’s week to shine.  On Friday TV and on Sunday he will be speaking at the AT&T Center for the American Kidney Fund Kidney Action Day.  All of this in an effort to get the word out about kidney disease prevention.  He is really looking forward to the Sunday even too.  At both events he will be sharing his story, talking about kidney disease and diabetes and talking about dialysis. He has such a wealth of information and experience, it will be great for him to share.

Well, I suppose I should go.  This morning I am doing the sinus thing and looking at the screen is kind of difficult. I think I will go try and take a nap before it’s time to start getting lunch ready for Charlie.  Today is dialysis day so we’ll see how he does. The last couple of sessions have been pretty good, I think the tech finally has gotten the routine down and so Charlie isn’t bleeding profusely at the end.

Prayer requests for today:  1. A Kidney.  2. Fundraising.  3. Finances.  4. School. 5. Foot.  6. Speaking engagements.

Praying blessings to all.

Charlie & Sherrie



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