Things are Looking Brighter

1 Oct

Hi y’all.  Well we went to the wound care doctor today. It was comforting to have Charlie’s regular doctor back.  It’s so hard trying to explain where you have been with a wound to someone brand new.  The doctor took a look at it and said it’s looking good.  He said Charlie could go back to his shoes instead of the air cast.  That made Charlie a very happy man.  Now we just need the other callus to behave.  I think we need to make a trip to the podiatrist and have her take a look at the new shoes and inserts. Perhaps she will have the magic answer for us.  Charlie’s skin on that foot is just so very fragile.

We had good news about my social security claim. We got the letter from the judge today stating that he has approved the disability claim and that I am disabled. They did use the onset date of May 2011.  So now I have to wait for Social Security to contact me.  The letter says that could take up to 60 days. We can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel and it isn’t a train!!!! Praise God.

School in tomorrow. Charlie had to memorize an introduction to a play.  It is a group project. He speaks tomorrow in Introduction to Theatre.  It will be interesting. I am sure he will do just fine.  This is his week to speak.  He will be speaking at the AT&T Center on Sunday for an American Kidney Fund event. It’s a Kidney Action Day.  He will be sharing his story.  That should be a fun day too.

Well, I think that’s it for now. I’ll let you know how the speaking engagements go.  In the meantime pray for him.

Pray for: 1. Kidney.  2. Foot healing.  3. School.  4. Fundraising. 6. Finances. 7. School.

Thanks y’all.  Your prayers and words of encouragement are what gets us through the day.

Blessings to all!

Charlie & Sherrie

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