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27 Aug

So, we made it through the first day of school.  It hasn’t rained all summer but yesterday we had to have an umbrella to start the day off with!  I have really gotten good at driving the wheel chair one handed.  I was able to maneuver it with one hand as I held the umbrella trying to keep myself and Charlie dry.  Worked okay until we got onto the sidewalk.  You would think with all the money they are collecting from the new parking fee at the school that they would have enough money to replace the cement and the bricks at the handicapped drop off but apparently not because we made a complaint about it back in May and it still hasn’t been fixed.  It’s probably going to take one of the blind students to trip, fall and get hurt before something will be done.  So sad.

We got to school and went to the student center.  Charlie loves the Mexican hot chocolate so we got some of that and a breakfast taco and waited for the bookstore to open so he could get his books.  It was due to open at 7:45 so we got on the elevator at 7:40 and went down stairs.  Well, 7:45 came and went….and so did 8:00 and 8:10.  Apparently the manager was stuck in traffic (People here haven’t seen rain in so long that they just forgot how to drive in it) and there was no one else with a key.   They finally opened and I went to the office to pick up the books.  We had placed the order online so it would be ready for us to pick up when we got there, of course no one could find his books and they weren’t in the alphabetical notebook of all of the orders pending pick-up.  Someone finally arrived and was able to find them in a pile on the counter.

Once we were done there we went over to Disability Services to see them and pick up the paperwork that had to be signed by each instructor so that they knew I was officially Charlie’s note taker.  We had a good visit and then we looked at Charlie’s schedule again before leaving.  It was then that we realized that the Music Appreciation class was not in the same building as the Theatre class.  I wasn’t sure how to get to the other building.  I knew that there was a catwalk between them but wasn’t sure how to get the wheelchair over it.  I asked about an elevator and was then told there was only one way to get to the handicapped ramp for that building.  I would have to walk down a street and up a steep hill (pushing the wheelchair).  I thought about it and talked to Charlie about it and we decided that we didn’t want me in the hospital on the first day of school.  So, Charlie walked up 12 stairs and God provided two absolutely wonderful people who took the time to carry the wheelchair up.  We got to the top and put Charlie back in the wheelchair to walk across the catwalk, got in the door and there were 5 MORE stairs.  Charlie walked those also and those wonderful people carried the chair up them too.  Luckily the class was right there.  So we got into the class and all was well.  Then we had to get back over the catwalk.  This time Charlie walked down the 5 stairs and I rolled the wheelchair down them, put him in it and walked across the catwalk and then…….Charlie did the 12 stairs and I SLOWLY wheeled the chair down them.  Narrow stairs, not easy to do a wheelchair on, but MUCH BETTER than the down the street and up the hill thing.

So we also encountered an elevator closed for PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE (seriously…on the first day of school?????), and every Handicapped automatic door that we had to use did not work.  Between that and the poor condition of the sidewalks I definitely got my cardio workout for the day.  My feet were really tender this morning but it was okay.  I am very pleased to announce that Charlie wasn’t hurting at all after his exercise!!!  Maybe that will be his PT.  🙂

The classes seem like they are going to be fun.  The only one he is really concerned about is his English class.  LOTS of reading and writing in this class.  Drama will be fun, he has a great professor.  Music Appreciation seems like it will be interesting. His Professor is a priest.  He told the class they could call him Father or Brother or Professor.

All in all things went pretty well.  Today he had dialysis, no bleeding, thank goodness.  They decreased his heprin and that seems to have stopped the bleeding problem  He bled for  full hour last week and they decided perhaps his blood was too thin.  Hopefully this will be a permanent fix.  Other than that no real excitement today.  He is napping right now and we will do homework after dinner.

Praying that all have a blessed week.

Please pray for:  School.  Charlie’s tooth (it cracked and the filling is falling out.  He is going to the dentist tomorrow). Kidney.  Finances.  Fundraising. Movie Ministry.

Blessings to all.

Charlie & Sherrie

Here We Go!!

24 Aug

So in the last week or so we have had a lot happen.  Charlie’s foot has FINALLY healed!  He got his new shoes and we have an appointment with the podiatrist to start talking about physical therapy to learn how to walk again.  Charlie starts school again on Monday.  Please pray for a successful semester.  He is a little worried right now but all will go well.

I only have about 7 minutes before I have to get off of the computer here so this is just a short note.  I will be back on early next week to make sure and update everyone on what’s happening here.

Blessings to all.




Moving Right Along….

14 Aug

Good Morning to all.  Hope each of you are having a great day!  Been a while so let me try and bring everyone up to speed.  Let’s see, the last time I wrote I believe we had just gotten home from the Pacemaker surgery.  Charlie is doing well things seem to be in order.  He did have one mishap yesterday at dialysis when he was walked into a corner of a counter, as a result of that the pacemaker area seems a bit swollen.  He had a visit with a nurse yesterday and they checked the pacemaker.  It is functioning well and the wires are all still attached.  So things are okay in that realm.

On Friday we are supposed to go and get the new shoes.  Hopefully this visit will work out better than the last.  I called and asked them to please check the shoes, to make sure they were not defective, BEFORE we came down to get them.  They were to have done that last Friday and then call us to set up the appointment to go get them.  As usual they didn’t call so I had to call them on Monday.  When I called I asked to make sure the shoes had been checked….low and behold, NO ONE had checked them yet.  They put me on hold and checked the shoes, assured me that they were okay and then they scheduled our appointment for Friday.  This morning I got a call from the Shoe place asking us to call and rescheduled our MISSED APPOINTMENT?????????  I called back and all I could get was a recording saying they couldn’t take the call and to leave a message.  I left a message and they didn’t call back in 30 minutes so I called again.  I spoke with the young lady who left the message and she said she was confused too because she remembered rescheduling the appointment with me but no one had it any where!  Grrrrrr.   Are all orthotic places like this??  The last company we dealt with was just as frustrating, that’s the whole reason we switched.  This one is just as bad.  Guess  I need to really research for a new one for the next time we have to get new shoes for Charlie.  Anyone know a good company?  One that really takes the time to care about the customers?  The last two were EXTREMELY lacking in customer service!!!

So we are also preparing for school for this semester.  August 26th will be the first day for Charlie.  We thought we were only going to have to purchase one book this semester but nope….the English class that he started last semester changed books so there are two.  The books are so outrageously priced.  He has a Music Appreciation class and the text for it (actually it’s 5 CDs) is $190.  Crazy huh??  The English text is $81.  You could go broke just on the textbooks alone!! Sad thing is we now have all of the texts from last semester and they can’t even be bought back.  If anyone knows any good book places please let us know.  Thanks in advance for the info!!!

Well, I think that’s pretty much it for now.  Please pray for the following: Charlie’s health.  Our finances. The shoes.  The new semester. A Kidney.

Thanks for sharing this with friends and family.  The more people that know about Charlie the better.  Eventually we will get the kidney he is looking for.

Blessings to all.

Charlie & Sherrie


Finally Home..with New Hardware!

3 Aug

So Charlie went for the electrophyisology study (study of the electric workings of the heart) and he definitely did need a pacemaker.  The doctor tried to put one in on Wednesday, while he was already on the table, but was not able to access the veins necessary.  They wound up doing a venogram (sounds like a new kind of message huh?) and they found that the veins that they needed to use were blocked.  They sewed and glued the incision made in his chest and sent him back to the room.  We wound up staying Thursday so that they could insert the pacemaker in his groin.

Charlie started early Thursday morning with breakfast and then went to dialysis.  He was on his back there for 4 hours and then went back to the room.  No lunch because he was going in to have the pacemaker put in at 3.  They came to get him at 2:30 and I didn’t hear anything until 4:55.  Long wait.  The tech that had come to take him said it would only be about an hour and a half at most.  The surgery was successful and now Charlie is the proud owner of a shiny new pacemaker.  He was kind of blue when he found out he wasn’t going to be able to go home on Thursday night, but I think that he was thankful after the pain meds started wearing off.

So the pacemaker in the groin is not the usual.  It is usually placed in the chest.  the pacemaker tech told Charlie that they do put them in that spot for children as their veins are not mature enough to handle the leads.  He also told Charlie that they do maybe 1 or 2 a year that way in adults.  Charlie, of course had to be one of them.   🙂

We are home now, and the pain is still rather intense for him.  If it had been in the chest it probably wouldn’t be as bad.  He is taking pain meds which are allowing him to sleep and relax a bit.

I read the owners manual to him….lots of dos and don’ts.  He’s not real keen on the no bath or shower for 10 days rule.  (They don’t want the glue to come off too early.)  No more carrying the cell phone in his pocket (guess we need to find pocketed shirts). Stay away from the stereo speakers….the magnets can interrupt the pacemaker. (Who knew).  You can be near microwave ovens, but not convection ovens.  No MRIs, have to be careful even if in the room and it’s not on.  Then there is the airport.  There is a chance the case to it will set off the alarm!  So now he is a card carrying (literally) member of the pacemaker club!  One more ID to keep on his person.  Need to get him one of those card holders.

Hopefully, now that the heart is beating as it should and the blood is circulating correctly he will begin to feel better.  Perhaps this is part of the reason for him being so very tired so often.  We shall see!

Please continue to keep him in prayer for:  1. Healing from this surgery.  2. A kidney.  3. Finances.  4. Fundraising for the kidney (anyone with ideas please contact me so that I can connect you with the coordinator at Help Hope Live.)  5. School is to start at the end of this month.

Thanks for all of the prayers and well wishes.  Y’all are wonderful.  Please keep them coming, right now both Charlie and I are in need of encouragement.

Blessings to all.

Charlie & Sherrie

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