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God Sent Us some Angels

29 Jun

This has been an interesting week.  After posting the last entry I received an email from someone who offered to help us with the doctor bill so that Charlie could get in to see the Endocrinologist.  The appointment has been made for Monday.  He will be able to get his thyroid prescription, Insulin prescription and shoe prescriptions written!  This is such a blessing.  It takes a load off of my shoulders.  Once the shoe prescription is written they will come out and do molds of Charlie’s feet.  Then the new inserts and shoes will be ordered.  Hopefully they will be here within a couple of weeks of the appointment.  If they are then Charlie can start wearing them and perhaps will be referred to physical therapy.  It would be so wonderful if we could start the new school year without the wheelchair!  We shall see.

God also sent us another angel who took the time to send out the word about where we are financially right now.  She was wonderful in that she spread the word.  She also has sent me some really good websites that provide help for people who are in situations like we currently are.  I have begun contacting some of the contacts at these sights and hopefully will be able to connect with some of the programs.

There is also another angel who has sent us information on a cream for Charlie’s feet.  Hopefully it will help him.  His feet are very painful and very dry from the diabetes/thyroid and his neuropathy.   This cream will be a blessing.

Another angel sent us a check which we were able to us to get Charlie’s meds for the month.

And one more angel has offered assistance to us too.

God is truly awesome and has blessed us with some wonderful angels.  I can’t tell you how much we appreciate the help and the prayers and the words of encouragement.  We are still in need of things but some of the weight was definitely lifted this week.  May God bless each of you who came forth to help us.  You are indeed a blessing.

The other good news this week is that Charlie’s foot seems to finally be closed.  We have changed the treatment in that I am no longer putting collagen on the wound.  We are just padding it with foam.  We are to see the doctor on Wednesday to make sure it is still intact.  So far so good.  We will go see them right after Charlie’s hernia surgery.  It will be a long day but it is necessary.

I think that is pretty much it for now.  Please keep the following in prayer:  1. Charlie’s surgery on Wednesday.  2. Charlie’s foot.  3. The Endocrinology appointment.  4.  A kidney.  5. Finances.  6. Fundraising.

Blessings to all of you.   Please continue to pray for us and keep the words of encouragement coming.

Charlie & Sherrie

Surgery Next Week

25 Jun

Hi Everyone.  Well, let’s see if I can catch everyone up in this blog.  I have not been well health wise, and we have begun babysitting for our grandchildren a few days a week.  (That part of things has been great!)

So, let’s start with the foot.  We are still trying to heal the wound on the left foot.  It looks great, but the diagnosis is that the shoes are causing the problem.  We owe money to the doctor that handles Charlie’s diabetes and they won’t see us until the bill is being taken care of right now that’s not something we can do.  The new Medicare regulations state that he has to be seen by the Diabetic doctor within the last 6 months.  So, we are searching for some one to see him who can wait until after September to get the 20%  copay.  Until then he will continue to have problem with the wound on his foot as the inserts and shoes he currently has are not wide enough.  It’s all really frustrating.   Currently I am doing daily wound care and then we see the doctor every two weeks.  Please pray that we can find a resolution to this issue so that we can get Charlie back to walking again.  He is very frustrated.  He doesn’t walk much but the little that he is walking is creating pressure and causing a callous to reform where the wound is.

Two week ago we were at wound care and they were fixing to bandage the wound.  The nurse went out to get supplies and as she came back in Charlie started seizing.  He had 2 seizures.  We wound up over at the emergency room (thank goodness the two buildings are next door to each other!).  They did bloodwork, and a CT Scan of the brain.  Charlie has not had a seizure in about 8 years.  He has been on medication for them for quite a while.  On this particular day his dilantin levels (which should be 10 or 11) were 3.2.  No idea how they got that low.  So they upped his meds and he seems to be doing well with them.  No seizures since.  I’ll tell you that this was something that I don’t want to have to deal with again.  We had a tough time getting Charlie to come back.  He was not able to speak for quite a while, and when he did he said he didn’t want to go to the ER.  I told him he had no choice.  He wanted to go to dinner and Bible Study at the church (he was upset that he was missing fried chicken that night).  For some reason he always goes to the ER on Wednesday nights.  Not sure if it’s just because we already have transportation or if it’s just that’s his hospital day preference.  🙂  Either way I think we can stop that before it becomes a tradition!

Tomorrow we go to wound care, but before we do that we have to go to the hospital and do pre-admission paperwork for Charlie.  Next Wednesday he has to have surgery.  He has a hernia just below the sternum.  Apparently when they did his bypass there was a small tear in the tissue that didn’t heal correctly.  He had a bad bout of bronchitis and wound up in the hospital, the coughing from that tore the tissue more and it developed into a hernia.  It has gotten bigger and now causes him pain, so they decided to take it out.  It’s normally just a day surgery done in aan outpatient setting but because of Charlie’s ailments and medical history it will be done at the hospital. That’s next weeks fun.

Finances are still an issue.  We did finally hear from Social Security regarding my hearing date, it is September 19th.  I am a bit nervous, but I will be okay.  We are meeting with my lawyer to discuss what will happen at the hearing on September 5 (I think).  I will then be able to see what Social Security has on me.  Should be interesting since the original file that we got had wrong dates, wrong clinic names, incomplete hospital records….it was a mess.  Charlie and I will both be glad to get this hearing over and are praying that they grant the social security to me.

I also have been having vision problems, turns out I have cataracts in both eyes.  They are bad enough to be causing problems but not bad enough for surgery yet.  The doctor spent a good deal of time explaining that these are normal as we get older.  I can’t even tell you how many times she told me about the things that happen as we get older.  I got the point and she just kept dwelling on it.  Anyway, I am waiting on a voucher for a new pair of glasses.

The grandchildren (Kailey, Sam and Dalton) have been here a bunch over the last couple of weeks.  It’s been fun to watch and listen to them.  They are all so precious.  Charlie loves having them here, we don’t get to see the girls often enough.  Dalton and Sam will both be in kindergarten in the fall so we have been practicing letter sounds and same and different and writing.  It’s fun to watch them learn.  Being a grandparent is so much fun and so rewarding.  God has really blessed us.  We do wish we could see the other 5 grands, but they are too far away.

We are still trying to find fundraisers as we have nothing in the account yet for the kidney surgery.  I pray that we will soon be able to get something together to put into his account for it.  There is no way that we will be able to afford to do it without the help.  I know both of us will rest a little easier once we are able to get this coordinated and started.

Everywhere we go and every one we meet we try to bring up the whole kidney thing.  We have had 3 people who said they were going to be tested but we haven’t heard from the clinic if any of them ever followed through.  If you know of anyone who might be willing to be a donor please give them our information so we can get in touch with them.  Charlie NEEDS a kidney badly and we are searching everywhere for a donor.

Well, I think that catches y’all up.  I am having trouble seeing the screen so I am going to sign off for now.  Please keep the following in prayer:  1. Charlie’s foot.  2. Charlie’s surgery on July 3rd. 3. Our Finances.  4. Fundraising.   5. The Social Security hearing.

Thanks for being so faithful everyone.  Sorry I haven’t posted in so long.  Both of us need your prayers and encouragement badly right now. I will try and be on at least once a day from now on.  Blessings to each of you.  Have a wonderful week.

Charlie & Sherrie

A New Day….

4 Jun

Well, here we are starting another week.  Pretty quiet today.  Sherrie has been under the weather for a bit now, blood pressure problems seem to be the culprit.  It’s hard when she’s down because not much gets done here.  Today is dialysis day, hopefully it will be a noneventful session.  Tomorrow it’s back to wound care to see what’s up.  We are still trying to get the shoes taken care of, right now it’s a matter of getting the doctor information to the shoe company and then hopefully they will be able to make the shoes and inserts that will be correct for Charlie’s foot.

We are also trying to get the doctor to see Charlie so we can get his thyroid medication prescription renewed.  Because of our financial situation we have a balance with the diabetes doctor (who is also Charlie’s endocrinologist) and we can’t pay it right now.  They will not see him until we can catch up the balance.  So right now he is about to run out of thyroid medication and he is also about to run out of one of his insulins.   It’s so hard right now.  We are patiently waiting for Social Security to contact us regarding Sherrie’s hearing and then a decision on her Social Security.  Until we get that we struggle on a routine basis trying to pay bills.  Unfortunately once we pay rent, food, phone, electricity, transportation for Charlie’s dialysis sessions and doctor appointments and then medications for both of us there isn’t anything left over.   So we don’t know what we are going to do about the whole medication thing at this point.  It’s very frustrating.

We are very thankful that Sherrie has qualified with a program that will give her a free eye exam and one free pair of glasses.  She will finally be able to get the exam this month!  That and the fact that her Diabetes Doctor was able to get her her insulin from the manufacturer so she will have insulin and not have to pay for it for 1 year.  That has been a real blessing.  She has a diabetes clinic that is run by a doctor who deals only with diabetes patients with no insurance.  There is no cost to go to the clinic and he takes care of all of the diabetes things.  He is such a blessing.

Charlie is still dealing with pain from the tooth that was bad last month.  We still have not been able to get into the clinic as they are not accepting new patients.  We have to go there and wait to see if anyone is a no show, if someone is then they may be able to see Charlie.  This has not worked yet.  If anyone knows of anywhere else we can go please let us know.  This clinic that we are trying to get him seen at is one that takes people without insurance.

I so wish we could get him insurance.  Medicare pays 80% on the bills, but we are stuck with the 20%.  If we could just get Sherrie’s social security this would not be such a problem.  Charlie lost his supplemental insurance right before his double by-pass.  The American Kidney Fund used to pay the premium for End Stage Renal Patients, but they stopped paying for anyone who had a premium of more than $500.  Charlie’s was just over $600.  There are no insurance companies that will take a person with End Stage Renal disease.  All you have to say to them is dialysis and the other end of the phone gets really quiet!  This is the reason we have doctor bills that we just are not able to pay right now.  It’s to the point now that doctors are not taking patients with just Medicare.  It has caused us a great deal of grief when trying to find people to take care of some of Charlie’s issues.  As soon as they find out he has only Medicare they don’t want to take him.

So folks, you can probably guess what we need prayer for.  I know that we have mentioned the finance issue for prayer before but if y’all could put a special emphasis on this today it would be appreciated.  We need to figure out the finance thing so we can get Charlie the meds he needs before he runs completely out.  Prayers also for fundraising, Charlie’s foot, Charlie’s tooth  (actually his health in general).

Thanks for all of the prayers and words of encouragement.  Please keep them coming, they are needed right now.

Blessings to all,

Charlie & Sherrie

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