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Good Friday

29 Mar

Today was a day of reflection.  A day to look at our lives and realize the blessings that we have and to be thankful for a loving God who gives us grace.  A day to remember what Jesus did for us. The ultimate sacrifice for us.  If we know Him and accept Him as our Saviour we are given forgiveness for all of the bad things that we do.  It’s a wonderful life to live, knowing that we are forgiven and that all of the junk that happened before we accepted Him and gave our lives to Him is erased.  It’s awesome to know that God has given us so much and we so don’t deserve it.   We are very blessed.

Charlie and I are both Christians, we both love the Lord with all of our hearts.  We know that we will make it through all of the trials and tribulations. We know that life is not guaranteed to be all peaches and cream as a matter of fact when you accept Christ you are opening your life up to even more trials because Satan takes the time to try and get you to change your mind.  He fills your life with temptations and trials like you would never imagine.  Each time a new trial comes up we look to God for the strength and endurance to make it through.  He is always there.  He wants us to give things over to Him so that He can deal with it.  As human beings that’s sometimes a hard thing because we have a tendency to try and do God’s job for Him, we think we can handle it all.  We CAN’T, we are nothing without Him.

Tonight we remember what Jesus did, the sacrifice that He gave for us and we praise Him and thank Him for giving all to us.

May you and your family know the JOY that the Easter Story brings to each of us.   Happy Easter.  Praying blessings to all of you.

Charlie & Sherrie


To Shoe or Not to Shoe…

28 Mar

Hi Everyone

Sorry for the lack of communication, things have been kind of crazy with homework and make-up school work.

So Charlie went to the Dr. yesterday and they looked at the foot.  The doctor was very pleased with his progress but did not feel comfortable putting him in the shoe yet.  Maybe next week.  Actually, the doctor told Charlie that if the wound hasn’t progressed a little more than it has been he will be putting the foot in a fiberglass cast for about a week.  The cast will have a boot that goes over it which will stabilize the foot and allow for better healing.  It will only be on for about a week and then they will remove it to check progress.  He said that if Charlie feels any kind of discomfort at all they will immediately remove the cast and check the foot.  That made me feel a bit better as that foot just seems to be so fragile!

The plans for the Donor Awareness events next month are coming along nicely.  I scheduled the blood drive for the apartment complex today and also got hold of the Texas Organ Sharing Alliance and asked them for some help too.  They will be trying to get a volunteer or two to come out and do an information table and be available to answer questions.  The hospital is also sending out information so that we can talk to people about live donor programs.  It should be a good day.  The one at the apartment complex is going to be 10-2 on Saturday, April 20th.   We will be having an event at the San Antonio College, Loftin Student Center Fiesta Room on Wednesday, April 17th from 10-2.  That one will have basically the same thing except that the hospital may have some staff available that can join us for that one and we will have a couple of guest speakers.  Both events are equally important.  The whole point behind both functions is to get the word out to the community about organ donation.  So many people have fears and questions and let’s face it, that’s not a subject that comes up in light conversation.  I am hoping this will spark people to ask questions and perhaps consider registering as donors or finding out information about live donor programs.  We’ll see.  Please keep both events in prayer.  I know God has a reason for guiding me in this direction, not sure what it is but I am willing to keep on going and find out.  Makes life kind of exciting!

Well, I have to go and cook dinner.  Just wanted to check in with everyone and let y’all know what’s been going on here.  Y’all take care.

Please keep the following in prayer:  Charlie’s foot.  Charlie’s health (having blood pressure problems again). A Kidney.  Donor Awareness month events. Finances. Fundraising.  School.

Thanks for the prayers and the encouragement.  We love y’all.

Have a wonderfully blessed Easter.


Charlie & Sherrie

Come On Saturday

22 Mar

Good Evening Everyone,

Well, today was a slow day.  Started out kind of drizzly and then the sun came out.   Medicines were put away.  You know between the two of us we could open a pharmacy. Would be nice to be able to get rid of some of them.

Tomorrow we will have 3 of our grandchildren over.  Kailey and Samantha’s birthdays are this month and we are going to celebrate them tomorrow.  Dalton will be here with us too.  We are going to decorate cupcakes and then Papa said he is going to surprise them with a birthday dance.  That sounds like something that we will have to record and perhaps share on You Tube.  🙂  We are both looking forward to seeing the children.  I personally would love to be able to have all 8 of them together, now wouldn’t that be a lively day!  Being a grandparent is the best thing ever.  It’s such a blessing that God has blessed us with 8 grandchildren.  8 little people who we get to watch grow and learn and become wonderful people.  God is truly awesome.

Well folks, the alarm has just gone off for Charlie’s meds.  Need to get that done and finish cleaning up the kitchen.

Blessings to each of you.

Charlie & Sherrie

21 Mar

Well, today was dialysis day.  Charlie had a good session.  He used the oxygen and things seemed to be a bit better.  He didn’t bleed today either, which was a good thing.  We spent the afternoon working on trying to decide on the movies for the movie ministries next order.  Watched a trailer for one and then watched another movie that was pretty good, it was called Hopeful Notes….beautiful movie about hope and faith.

Charlie asked me to let y’all know that we have a Facebook page for the ministry.  Each month we post the new movie’s trailer so that people can get an idea of what the next movie is about.  I will be posting that this evening.  The Ministry is called Oak Ridge After Dark, the Facebook page is Oak Ridge After Dark also.  This months pizza will be from Dominoes.  Door prizes will be given out after the movie.  There is never a charge for admission or for the popcorn or lemonade.  We do sell pizza for a dollar a slice to help pay for the costs of running the ministry.  Great time of fellowship and free family entertainment.  Our next movie will be April 20th.  We meet in the Family Life Center at Oak Ridge Baptist Church, 10915 Vance Jackson, San Antonio.  We would love to have y’all join us on the 20th of April. Our movie is called Revelation Road, it’s an action picture.

So, the prayer requests for today are as follows:  1. Charlie’s foot.  2. A Kidney.  3. Finances.  4. Charlie’s eyes.  5. Fundraising.  6. Donor Awareness events in April.

Praying blessings to each of you.  Don’t forget to share this blog with others so that if there is anyone out there that wants to know more about live donor programs or about donating in general we can help them get information.  Your prayers and words of encouragement are really an important part of our lives.  Knowing that there are people out there who care enough to pray and share our burdens and joys means the world to both Charlie and myself.

Blessings to all.

Charlie & Sherrie

Still Shoeless

21 Mar

Good Morning Everyone,

Just wanted to pop on real quick and let you know what happened at the wound care appointment.  Charlie’s foot is looking better each week.  Last week the doctor described the area as the size of a large pencil eraser.  This week he has called it a small pencil eraser.  It has gotten a bit smaller. Closing slowly. The doctor said he wants to wait another week before he tries the shoe, so we will go again next Wednesday and see what it looks like.  He did trim the callus on the foot so that it would have less pressure and not reopen.

So keep praying for the foot it is working.  Charlie’s a little frustrated as he really wants to get that shoe on and start walking.  Patience my dear husband….all in God’s time!

Thanks for all of your prayers and encouraging words.  Y’all are wonderful.


Charlie & Sherrie


19 Mar

Hi All,

So today we started at 4:30 this morning, up and ready to go.  Out the door at 5:30 and off to the Vascular center for the 6:00 appointment.  Sure was dark this morning. The doctor came and looked at Charlie’s access and told him he saw the problem.  They did the fistulagram and found nothing.  The doctor was rather surprised as he expected to find a clot or blockage.  They now have Charlie on oxygen during dialysis which may help with his hand getting so cold during the session.  His hand and arm get icy cold, like the circulation is bad.  He apparently has a condition known as Steal Syndrome. It’s a condition where the blood is not flowing correctly and thus the veins and arteries are not getting the supply they need.  This happens to people who have grafts and fistulas for dialysis.  The nurse today said that they may have to send him back to a vascular clinic for work up.   It’s been kind of a rough day for him.  When they were doing the procedure this morning he started having chest pains and trouble breathing.  He said it felt like having a chemical stress test done.  Those of you who have had that done know how uncomfortable that gets.  Anyway, we have no solution to the pain.  His doctor is not in town but will be back next week and Charlie will talk to him then.

He did have a decent session today though.  No bleeding, and that was a  plus. We came home and he was very light headed so I fed him and then he went to bed. Hopefully it was just hunger and exhaustion that caused the light headedness.  He also said his ear is bothering him.  Maybe allergies have settled. Praying he feels better in the morning.

We made a lot of calls for the Donor Awareness events.  Got lots of information which I now need to share with people and continue the planning and preparations for the events next month.  Hopefully both events go well and we can get information out to people.  The more people that know about donor programs the better.  Never can have too much information out there.

Well, I need to get a couple of more things done tonight and get the book bag ready for school tomorrow.   Oh tomorrow is wound care.  We will see if Charlie will finally get to wear his SHOE tomorrow.  I’ll keep you posted.

Please pray for Charlie’s arm pain.  His foot.  A Kidney.  Finances. Fundraising. Ear ache.  Donor Awareness month.

Blessings to all,

Charlie & Sherrie

School Tomorrow

17 Mar

Good Evening Everyone.

Well, back to school tomorrow.  We’ll see how it goes.  Charlie will be having the procedure done on his arm on Tuesday, probably in the morning.  It will be scheduled tomorrow.  He has had such a difficult time with bleeding from his access.  He also has been having sharp pains in his arm.  This could be a sign of a blockage in the arm, that is what happened last time, there was a clot.  Please pray that all goes well with this.  Pray also for the return to school and our attempt at catching up with everything.

Not much more to say tonight.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day to y’all.  We had our traditional corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots for dinner, was really good.

Now on to bed as 5:00am comes very early.  Charlie had a rough night last night, his neuropathy was dreadfully bad in his feet.  Woke him up at 2:30 this morning.  So hopefully tonight he will be better and get a good night’s sleep. Praying blessings to all.

Charlie & Sherrie

Now on to Saturday

16 Mar

Good Morning Everyone.

Just a quick note this morning to let you know that there really wasn’t a whole lot happening yesterday. It was a good day.  We watched the movie Billy Jack so that Charlie could do a character analysis.  Now we just have to write it.

Tomorrow will be dialysis and then Movie night.  For those that are here in San Antonio please come join us at the movie night.  We meet at Oak Ridge Baptist Church, 10915 Vance Jackson.  If you want more information contact us at 210-859-8085.  There is no charge for the movie, popcorn or lemonade.  We do serve pizza for $1.00 a slice.  The charge helps us cover costs to keep the ministry running.

Charlie is having trouble with his arm bleeding again at dialysis.  Seems like it’s time for another trip to clean out the access. That will probably happen sometime next week.  He said that he is having some pain in the arm.  Last time this happened there was a clot that needed to be cleaned out. Usually he goes before dialysis and they do the procedure then he goes back and gets his dialysis treatment.  More on this later when we have more information.

Praying for the following:  Charlie’s foot.  A kidney.  Finances.  Fundraising.  Sherrie’s family (death of her aunt).  School.

I hope each of you are having a great week.

Blessings to all.

Charlie & Sherrie

Long Day

14 Mar

Well today was a long day.  Not much sleep last night as my Aunt and a friend passed away within 10 minutes of each other.  Strange how one minute we could be celebrating the birth of our new grandson and the next be in tears over the loss of a loved one.  It was a difficult night for me, and a difficult one for Charlie as he was upset because he couldn’t get me home to be with my family.  I have gotten used to not being able to go when I should be there.  It’s more the norm than not now a days.  Both my Aunt and the friend had their kidneys fail. Neither could do dialysis as their bodies were too weak.

Charlie did dialysis today, bled some – onto his blankets (figures, I just washed both of them yesterday!).  He came home to our daughter Kimberly and our grandson Dalton visiting with us.  It was a good visit.  Dalton and Papa ate their dessert together after lunch.  Dalton climbed up on the love seat next to Papa and crossed his legs, just like Papa and the two of them ate some M&Ms together.  It was really cute.  Dalton then read his little paperback books to us.  He is just learning how to read so we got to hear about Sid and his Pig and Max the Cat.  Such excitement!!  It was a good afternoon.

Tonight we watched American Idol and then Charlie fell asleep.  He seems to be sleeping an awful lot again lately. I wish we could figure out why so that we could get more work done.  We are still behind on the homework from when he was out sick.  Speaking of which, tonight before he went to bed he said he felt like he was getting another sore throat.  Please keep that in prayer because we just can’t do another round of illness.

Well, that’s pretty much it for today. We are preparing for the Movie night on Saturday.  Last night after church we stopped at Star Bucks and picked up some door prize donations.  They always go over so well.  Our local Star Bucks has been great about donating to the ministry since the beginning.  Great General Manager there.  They donate 3 items every 3 months.

I suppose I should sign off now, no sleep last night and it’s getting late now.  I need to get some sleep so I don’t get sick.  Thanks for the prayers and words of encouragement.  Please pray for the following:  Charlie’s foot.  A Kidney. Charlie’s school work.  Charlie’s general health.  Finances. Fundraising. Donor Awareness event.  My family.

Thanks y’all.  Praying blessings for each of you.

Charlie & Sherrie


14 Mar

Good Morning Everyone,

Here are a couple of  pictures so you can see the progress on the foot.  Charlie didn’t get to wear the shoe today, maybe next week.

Here’s the foot when we got to the doctor’s office today:

The Graft


This is Charlie’s foot when we went into the doctor’s office yesterday. The yellowish part is where the actual grafting material is.

New skin


And here it is uncovered.  New pink skin. Remarkable.  This is an area where the hole was so deep it was almost to the bone.  7 weeks later it’s pink skin and the hole is closed.  We are just needing it to heal even with the surface.  Should not be much longer.  No shoe this week, but possible next Wednesday.  We will see.


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