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Another Sick Day

27 Feb

Well, today Charlie was sick.  He was up all night with nausea, vomitting, a wicked cough and eye pain.  No sleep.   So there was no way he was going to be able to go to school.  He took some pain meds and went to bed and slept for a few hours.  Tonight he is feeling a little bit better.  Tomorrow he will go to dialysis and then home to lunch, in for a nap and then HOMEWORK!  The carpet cleaner will be here tomorrow to take care of the mess that was made when they repaired the toilet. 

OH the toilet, so it is leaning.  Every time Charlie sits on it the water runs. Today they came and looked at it and they are going to have the tile man come and redo it.  It is not set right.  They will have to take it out and redo it.  The repair people said it should take a couple of hours.  Hopefully they can come tomorrow while Charlie is in dialysis and we can get this done! 

Well that’s pretty much it for today. Please keep the following in prayer:  1. Charlie’s foot.  2. Charlie’s health.  3. Kidney  4. Finances.  5. Fundraising.  6. Planning for the Donor Awareness function.  7. School.   Thank you for your support, prayers, and words of encouragement.  All of you are truely blessings to both Charlie and myself.  Please feel free to share this blog with friends and family.  If you know anyone who has questions and an interest in live donation, please leave word here or email us so that we can get them the information that they need.   

Blessings to all.

Charlie & Sherrie



25 Feb

So, today we went to school.  The test didn’t go as well as Charlie had hoped.  His presentation in Drama did go well.  He should know the grade from that on Wednesday.  After school we went to hyperbarics, Charlie had his session and then the doctor came to do the wound care.  He did wind up doing another graft, but the foot looks FANTASTIC!!  The area that the graft is being done on has only a bit more to go and it will be even with the rest of the skin.  It’s amazing.  Now the GREAT NEWS.  The doctor has released Charlie from hyperbarics!!!  Today was his last session.  We both said we felt like we should have gotten a certificate or something.  It’s really exciting.  We will now only need to go to wound care once a week.  The doctor said maybe one more graft and he will be done.  There is finally a light at the end of this LONG tunnel.  We have been doing wound care on this foot since December of 2011.  Hard to believe but it really has been that long.  Now they are going to look at scheduling physical therapy so that Charlie can relearn how to walk.  He hasn’t done any REAL walking since before his double by-pass in August of 2011.  He’s been in a wheelchair since June of last year.   So we are finishing one thing and then moving on to something new.  Maybe by summer we will have him up and walking again!  Thanks to y’all for the prayers, they are definitely working.

Please keep the following in prayer:  1. Foot  2. Kidney  3. School 4. Finances  5. Fundraising.  Again I thank you for your responses please feel free to keep them coming.

Blessings to all.

Charlie & Sherrie


24 Feb

Hi y’all,

Well, here we are at the beginning of another week.  How is it that time can fly by so quickly? This week starts out with a test in World Religions.  It’s a challenge for Charlie as we are studying the Hindu Religion.  It’s not so much the religion as it is the names that he is having trouble with.  It will be interesting, that’s for sure.  Please pray for him.  The test is at 11:00 tomorrow morning.  Oh, we got his English quiz back, he got a 94!!  Good job Charlie!  We are now working on an Essay on Frederick Douglass.  Learning lots about different people, that’s for sure.  Tomorrow he also has hyperbarics and they will be looking at the graft area again.  Doctor will decide tomorrow if they will be doing another graft.  He has only 2 more sessions in hyperbarics, so Wednesday we should be done!!  That will be a relief.  Looking forward to only having to go to wound care once a week.   Oh, tomorrow Charlie also has a group project presentation in Drama, that should be a fun class too.  He is really enjoying Drama and is looking forward to the point where they will be acting.  Tomorrow we are bringing a coffee cake for the class, the professor is supposed to be bringing coffee. 

So now you know what’s up for Charlie for tomorrow……The rest of the week should be fairly calm.  Nothing out of the ordinary, that we know of!  

Praying blessings to all and asking that you share this blog with those who are willing to pray for Charlie.  Please pray for the exam tomorrow, healing of the foot, a kidney, our finances, fundraising and the event in April to put the word out on Live Donor programs.  Please feel free to leave prayers or words of encouragement as we can both use them.

Blessings to all,

Charlie & Sherrie


The Throne!

19 Feb

Good Evening Y’all,

So, we have had an ongoing issue with the toilet in the master bathroom, it was running off and on, then it started running every 3 minutes. Charlie called the maintainance people and asked them to come fix it.  After replacing a couple of parts and not having successfully repaired it they came and replaced the toilet.  It was to have been done yesterday but they found another part that had to be replaced.  They came today and finished the job, so Charlie now has the toilet back in the master bathroom.  He is happy about it.  Much easier than walking all the way to the other side of the apartment to use the facilities! 

The only problem I had was that yesterday we came home from hyperbaric s and they had left a mess on the bathroom floor.  There was a dirty towel and plastic pieces and trash on the floor.  On the counter was the top to the tank, some plastic parts and a really nice drill.  I was really glad that I was the one that went into the bathroom to get his evening meds, if he had gone in he would have fallen and hurt himself.  I know that people who don’t have deal with blindness on a routine basis don’t think about things like that, but they know that Charlie is blind and they know that he uses that bathroom.  A blind person has things set in a certain place so that they can find it when they need it.  Charlie had his toothbrush and all of his shaving paraphanelia on the counter.  It was frustrating to have to clean up after the repair people so that Charlie could safely use the bathroon.  At first I wasn’t going to talk to the supervisor, but he happened to be the one that came here today to put the last part in. I explained how I found the bathroom last night and also told him that there was a trail of water through the bedroom and livingroom and out the door from where they took out the old toilet.  It was wet enough to get your socks wet if you walked over it.  He apologized and said he understood what I was talking about.  He said that even if it wasn’t a blind person in the house they should never have left it in that condition.  He sent the two repair people over to get all of their stuff out of the bathroom and apologize.  I appreciated the apology, but my main concern was that they don’t do it again, to us or anyone else for that matter.

Yesterday was a rough day.  Charlie had an upset stomach in the morning, it cleared up so we went to hyperbarics because he wasn’t able to go on Friday and the doctor needed to see the foot.  Charlie got there and his stomach went sour.  They did the wound care but no hyperbaric chamber yesterday.   The doctor did look at the foot yesterday and he was pleased.  They put another layer of grafting material on it.  It does look great, wish I had gotten a picture before they covered it again, but I didn’t.  The area is closing nicely and is pink.  The tissue looks great!  They will check it again next week and then make a decision on whether or not we need another graft.  It’s amazing how well it has been doing with the grafting and the hyperbarics.  It will be good to finally get it healed so that we can start treating the dryness on the feet.  His feet are extremely dry!  We can vaseline the toes and the other foot, but his heal on the bad foot is extremely flakey!  Anyway, we finished and the transportation people came to get us in the van.  The LIFT DIDN”T WORK!  So we had to get Charlie up into the front seat and I had to climb into the back of the van.  Didn’t help my knee any, that’s for sure!

Tomorrow will be a busy day.  Charlie is going to be interviewed by the school newspaper.  They want to do an article on some of the challenges he faces on a daily basis.  It should be interesting.  Then off to hyperbarics for a treatment, then on to church.  Wednesdays are always such busy days for us.  It will be a good one.

Well folks, that’s about it for now.  Please pray for the following:  The foot. Finances. Fundraising. A kidney. School.   Please forward this to friends and family so that if there is someone out there who has an interest in donating a kidney we can get them the information they need.

Blessings to all.

Charlie & Sherrie

School on Sunday?

17 Feb

It was a busy day.  First we did church.  Came home for about 20 minutes and then our ride was here to go to the school.  Yes, we did go to school today.  Charlie had to go and see a play that was mandatory.  When we got home we ate and then it was time to do homework.  We completed the two English assignments and then We then had to write a critique on the play.   I finally gave up because Charlie couldn’t stay awake.  We will have to finish it in the morning.  Kind of frustrating, but oh well. 

Charlie was contacted by the school newspaper on Friday and they are going to do an article on him.  He will be meeting with the reporter on Wednesday at 8:00am.  Not a problem because we are usually there by 7am.  She is the same reporter that did the article last semester.  He i s excited. 

We had a good movie night last night.  It was fun and everyone enjoyed themselves.  After the movie Charle had our ride take me to the emergency clinic because I was having trouble walking.  Turns out I have degenerative arthritis in my knee.  Nothing they can do except give me pain medicine.  So they gave me hydrocodine.  I can’t take them during the day because they knock me out.  Guess it’s gonna be a bed time med.  The knee is still hurting today and I am still having trouble walking, but I can’t do a doctor thing anytime soon so I have to learn how walk another way I guess. 

We are getting close to quiz/test time in Charlies class times.  Please keep him in prayer as we approach these tests.  He is also complaining about his left foot hurting, but I took off the dressing and checked it and it looks okay today.  He will see the doctor tomorrow afternoon and they will decide then what more we have to do.  I was pleased to see that both calluses on the foot are trying to come off!!  That’s such a good thing!!  Hopefully tomorrow they will say no more hyperbarics necessary!  We shall see.

Well, I suppose that’s it for right now.  I need to get some sleep.  Already sent Charlie in that direction.  Please keep us in prayer for:  Charlie’s foot, finances, His eyes, fundraising, the Donor Awareness function in April, School, and A KIDNEY!

Blessings to all,

Charlie & Sherrie

Happy Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

Hi Everyone.  Happy Valentine’s Day. 

Today was just a regular old day.  Charlie went to dialysis, had a good session and then bled all over his pants at the end.  Not sure why he keeps bleeding.  He thinks it’s that the tech’s aren’t covering the holes when they are finishing.  Can’t be another clot because he just had it cleaned out.  Charlie’s explaination is better! 

Charlie came home and ate dinner, then he was ready to go down for a nap and the maintainnance people were supposed to come and check on a repair that they did this morning.  The toilet keeps leaking out water and then refilling, not sure why.  They came and put in a new part this morning, but when Charlie got home it started doing it again.  He called the office and they were to come and check it.  They finally came as I was walking out the door to go up and use the printer at the office.  They worked on it again, and even stuck around for a while after they finished and it seemed fine.  When I got up to the office Charlie called me and said it was doing it again.  I spoke with Mike, the maintenance person and he said he was finishing working on a refridgerator and would be back over to the apartment as soon as he was done.  Well, needless to say they never showed up.  Charlie sat up and waited until 5pm and then finally went in for a nap. 

Why is it that if someone is not going to be able to make it to an appointment they can’t call and say so?  It’s just plain rude, and disrespectful.   Anyway, we’ll see what happens tomorrow!

Well folks, that’s pretty much it for now, kind of a boring day, but it’s a day!

Blessings to all,

Charlie & Sherrie

Weak Wednesday….

14 Feb

So yesterday was a long day.  I had been sick overnight and still was ill in the morning.  Charlie was dizzy and had the throbbing in his head.  We stayed home until time to go to hyperbarics.  Was a long day.  Charlie will have dialysis in the morning and then home for his lunch and a nap.  Pretty normal day. 

 We were able to connect with the Health Promotions person at the school today and we will be doing an information table with speakers on April 17th.  It’s exciting.  They are going to try and get the school newspaper to do something on Live Donor Programs for Donor Awareness month.  If there is anyone out there that would like to help out with this we would be more than happy to find a way for you to be involved.   Maybe someone will be inspired to get tested to donate a kidney!!  That would be really cool, but just being able to get the information out to the students will be great!!  We will let everyone know more about this as the plans progress.

So, that’s pretty much it for now.  Kind of a dull day.  Hope each of you are having a great week.  Keep the prayers, and words of encouragement coming please.  We both need them right now.

Blessings to each of you.

Charlie & Sherrie

A New IDEA!!!

12 Feb

Hi All,

Well, today was better than yesterday.  Charlie got sick yesterday while we were at school so we had to leave early.  We think maybe it’s the new medication they put him on.  He had dialysis today and the Physicians Assistant there said that they want him to be on the meds for 2 weeks before they see if it’s the problem.  We’ll see.  He has been on it since last Friday and has had problems with feeling dizzy and had a horrible headache.  So we will continue on and see what happens. 

Anyway, at about 1:00am on Monday morning I had an idea!  I realized that there is another avenue that we haven’t tapped.  I thought that educating the community about Live Donor programs would be a great idea.  The community that I am thinking about is San Antonio College.  So on Monday, while Charlie took his drama quiz, I contacted the Student Life Health Promotions Office to see if they would be willing to work with me on an information table and perhaps speaker to educate the students about the Live Donor Programs.  They came on board immediately.  I have to call her back once I connect with the people at the Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital.  I then made a couple of calls to the Live donor program.  My first call there was a disappointing one.  I got someone who didn’t have the customer service skills to even try to help me with what I wsa looking for.  Everything was “we can’t”, or “we don’t”.  She couldn’t, rather she wouldn’t, give me any guidance whatsoever.  It was really discouraging.  I then contacted a coordinator from the transplant program.  She didn’t know who to talk to either.  She did however take my number and told me that she would see what she could find out and then call me back.  I didn’t hear from her yesterday (and still haven’t today).  So I contacted the coordinator for the Live Donor program.  He was not in.  I left 3 messages on his voice mail.  No call back yesterday, BUT this morning he called.  We had a conversation and he was able to connect me with the marketing and promotions person for the Transplant Hospital.  She was very positive and very willing to help.  I am to call her back on Monday morning as she was leaving for a conference in Austin today.  She then told me that April is Donor Information month.  So I am going to try and see if we can do this in April and if we can get the school paper to do an article.  I am really excited about this.  I don’t know if it might end up with someone willing to donate a kidney that might be a match for Charlie, but at the very least we will have educated a rather large community of people about  Live Donor programs.   I am actually quite excited about this.  Please keep it in prayer.

The rest of the week will be busy with school, hyperbarics, dialysis, homework, and the movie night.  Charlie only has 5 more hyperbarics sessions left.  Last week the doctor said that he thought Charlie was pretty much done.  Wound is healing nicely and the treatments are done.  Maybe we have FINALLY come to the end of the foot thing!!  Hope so. Please keep all of these things as well as finances, fundraising and A KIDNEY in prayer.  Please share all of this with friends and family as you never know when someone may have a desire to be a live donor.  If you know of anyone please have them contact us.  We will be happy to give them the information that they are looking for.

Thanks to all of you for the kind words of encouragement and prayer.  Y’all are wonderful.

Blessings to all.

Charlie & Sherrie

Sleepy Sunday (Seriously Sleepy)

10 Feb

Well, yesterday was an extremely busy day.  We got up at 6, went to the Brotherhood breakfast at church.  Great food….Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy, jelly, coffee.  Definitely delicious.  Then it was off to dialysis.  That 3 1/2 hours seemed to take forever!!  Then back home for a few.  Neither of us got a nap and then it was time to go to the Valentine Banquet at church.  Another amazing meal.  We had chicken with Sherry cream sauce, filet minon, salad, green beans, garlic mashed potato, roll, and chocolate cake that was so light it just melted in your mouth!  Great food, good company.  When we got home Charlie wasn’t feeling real well.  We both figured it was because of not getting any rest.  He went to be about 7:30pm and woke up this morning at about 2:30am.  Apparently there were some people who had been partying out in the parking lot, that caused him to wake up and then his feet began burning from his neuropathy.  He wound up sitting in the living room with his feet up on his pillow.  He isn’t feeling real well now either.  When we got home from church this morning I made lunch and then we laid down for a nap and didn’t wake up until 9:30pm tonight, and that was only because I woke him to take his meds.  He’s very tired.  Not sure if it’s lack of sleep, or maybe a new med that he started on Friday.   Guess we will have to see this week.  This med does have the side affect of making you sleepy.  Please keep him in prayer that thing will lighten up a bit for him and that he will not feel so exhausted.

This week will be another busy one as we have the movie night on Saturday.  We will be showing a movie called Christmas Angel, really good movie, with a really good lesson.  We will be preparing for the showing this week.  Door prizes ready, paperwork ready, choose next month’s movie, emails, Facebook posts, phone calls…..busy, busy, busy.  This in addition to school, hyperbarics, and dialysis.  It will be tiring but we will make it!

I want to thank y’all again for all of the positive encouragement, please keep it coming as we are both very much in need of it.  We also covet your prayers.  Please pray for:  School, Healing of the foot, Finances, Fundraising, A Kidney, Charlie’s physical health.  Blessings to each of you.

Charlie & Sherrie


8 Feb
You can actually see a little pink now!  The graft is taking!!

You can actually see a little pink now! The graft is taking!!

Good Evening Folks.

Here is a picture of Charlie’s foot.  The spot on the right is the one that they are doing the graftt on.  It looks so much better than it did when we started.  You can actually see where the graft has started taking.  There is pink all around the edges.  We are actually finally making headway.  Dr. today said he thinks about another week of hyperbarics and we should be just about done.  He was very positive about it so we feel positive too.  

Today was a VERY long day.  We went to school first, left here at 6:30am and got back here at 8:30pm.  We went from school to hyperbarics and they did the graft first.  After that Charlie did a full hyperbaric session.  He didn’t get out of the chamber until 7pm.  The transportation company came and picked up another person and left us behind.  If he had just waited a couple of minutes he could have taken us and the other patient.  He ddin’t think about it.  Oh well.  We did finally get home and ordered pizza from Papa John’s.  We have two free pizzas that we needed to us up, so tonight we did one of them.   It was good, but we didn’t eat until almost 10pm. 

Tomorrow will be another busy one.  Men’s breakfast in the morning then dialysis, and then the Valentine Banquet at church.  Busy, Busy, Busy!!!!!

We heard from a friend yesterday who has connected with another person and they are both working on fundraising ideas.  Hopefully we will be able to get together soon to figure out where to go with all of the ideas.  So much to do and not enough time or lately, energy.  I have been fighting Cedar Fever for almost a week now.  It really makes one tired.  That’s why I didn’t post yesterday.   My apologies.

Monday Charlie has two quizzes.  He will make up the one from this week, for English and then will have one in Drama too.  So we will have to do some studying this weekend too!  Somedays it seems like everything just blends together.  This week we were out from School on Monday, Charlie was ill, and then again on Wednesday because I was sick.  Maybe if the weather would calm down everyone would get healthy!!

Well folks.  Thanks for your support with comments and prayer requests.  Y’all are wonderful.  Hope each of you hace a wonderful weekend!  Please keep the foot in prayer,  pray for school and the quizzes, finances, fundraising and a kidney.

Blessings to you all.

Charlie & Sherrie

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