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We’re Back

14 Sep

Hi Everyone,

Things have been rather crazy around here for the last couple of weeks.  Let’s see if we can get y’all caught up without writing a novel.

Let’s start with the foot.  Charlie has been doing hyperbarics after dialysis for 2 weeks now.  The toe is coming along quite nicely.  It no longer is draining or has any discharge.  The Regranex that was used helped to regenerate some tissue so it is looking really good.  He has some feeling in the toe and in the foot now as a result of the shots and electric therapy he has been getting for the neuropathy.  He has one more week with wound care and about 4 more shots and he will be re-evaluated in both arenas.  Oh, and his shoes finally did come in.  I will try an post a picture tomorrow so y’all can see them.  They are definitely very soft and the inserts are really form fitting.  He likes them, he doesn’t feel that they are very fashionable, but at this point fashion is moving over for comfort! 

Now on to school.  We are in the third week of school.  The first week was really hectic.  That’s because we are going directly from school to doctor appointments and not getting home until about 6pm.  We both have been pretty tired by the time we get home.  I have been pushing Charlie in the wheelchair and going to classes with him as his notetaker.  It’s been interesting.  Wednesday of the first week we left school, went to the doctor, then on to church.  We got home and I wasn’t feeling really well.  I wound up being taken to the emergency room with a very low blood pressure,  and m y sugars were 778.  Needless to say they kept me there.  Charlie wound up coming home on his own, he ate Chinese for the 4 days I was in the hospital.  He was glad to have me come home so he could eat some real food!!  I am doing better, not quite all the way up to par but getting there.  We are back at school now and have written the first paper.  Now he has a second one due in English. He also has a series of computer labs that he needs to get done.   He is struggling with Spanish, but starting to get it.  It’s gonna take a bit of time.  Hard to learn a language when you can’t see the words to learn to pronounce and spell them.  If anyone would like to offer words of encouragement in this arena they would be VERY welcome. Small hurddles that we are jumping, but he can do it.  First Aid is so far the one class that he doesn’t really have to worry a lot about.  For the most part he remembers pretty much everything.  There are going to be a few things that have changed over the last few years but he’ll be able to handle that too.  Once you have been in the trenches with that stuff you remember it fairly easily.

Then we have the movie ministry.  This month we will be showing the movie “Escape”.  The trailer is on the Oak Ridge After Dark facebook page.  Charlie has been sharing the information about the movie ministry with just about everyone he comes in contact with.  It’s been neat.  He takes great pride in this ministry.  He knows that God is growing it slowly and that we have encountered several walls, but God has shown us ways of climbing them or breaking them down.  He really is awesome!!  The movie will be next Saturday, September 22nd.  For more information go to Oak Ridge After Dark 12 on Facebook.  Or you can email us at

Well folks, that’s pretty much it.  Here are the prayer requests:  1. The healing of the foot.  2. Finances.  3. School, especially Spanish.  4. Fundraising.  5. A kidney or live donor.  6. Oak Ridge After Dark, movie ministry.

Thanks to all who have faithfully stopped by and continued to pray.  It is wonderful to know that there are so many out there who are walking this walk with us. 

Blessings to all,

Charlie & Sherrie


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