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29 Jun

Well today was a long one. Neither of us got much sleep last night so today was kind of a catnap day.  We would wake up and tell us how tired we each were and then watch a little TV and then drifted off to sleep again.  Days like this are so crazy, we have night and day mixed up.  Then we ate so late, that we didn’t need dinner either.  Charlie actually got real fried chicken today, usually only baked or oven fried but today he had a treat.  Tomorrow will be dialysis day, and they are having a celebration for 4th of July.  6 foot sub for everyone. 

No calls yet from the shoe place to have them do the fitting for Charlie’s new shoes.  Hopefully they will call to schedule next week so we can get the new shoes so that he can start walking again.  It’s been about a year since he actually has walked any type of distance at all.  As soon as this foot is healed and he has his new shoes he should be able to do some walking so that he can build back up to real walking and be able to walk at school.  I know that is his goal, he really doesn’t like having to ride in the wheel chair.  

That’s pretty much all for today.  Here are the prayer requests: 1. Charlie’s foot to heal.  2. Finances.  3. Fundraising.  4. A kidney or a live donor.

Blessings to all,

Charlie & Sherrie



28 Jun

Well, today we contacted Medicare regarding Charlie’s diabetic shoes and inserts.  Medicare will pay for one pair a year and we thought that the shoes he has now were delivered in April, so we were asking Medicare 1. if we could return the shoes he has now, they are the reason we are having such a hard time healing his foot.  2. How do we go about getting credit for the return.  We were told that he got these shoes in December and yes, we could return them.  We called the place that we got his shoes at and were told that he actually got them in December and therefore we could go ahead and order new ones for this year!!  Yeah.  I really didn’t want to have to deal with Medicare and the shoe people to get credit and then be allowed to get the new ones.  So, they are going to send someone to the house to measure his feet and make the foam impressions so they can make him inserts to go with the shoes.

Charlie has a great podiatrist.  She has worked with us so much and provided information and guidance from the beginning.  She really knows how to deal with patients.  She is the one who told us we needed to get rid of the shoes and inserts that he has now.  THEY are the problem.  His skin is very fragile on the one foot and the inserts that were made for the shoes he has now are to hard.  The ulcers are the result of too much pressure on the foot.  She wrote a perscriptions for the new shoes and said stay in the wheelchair until the sores are healed.  This has been a long road.  I looked back at the calendar, we have been going back and forth to the doctor, for this foot since December.  I calculated that it’s taking a month/month and ahalf  for the ulcers to heal on his foot, so we should be good soon.  The toe is another story.  The nail has fallen off and then a thick callous formed on the toe.  As I was cleaning it the other night the skin peeled off like it was wearing a glove.  Under it was pink skin and it bled!  Now most people wouldn’t be excited over bleeding but for Charlie this is a very good thing.  He has been without good circulation in the foot for a very long time.  This last visit to the vascular doctor made all the difference in the world.  So, the toe is now looking a whole lot better.  Healing seems to be happening in the toe and the ulcer on the side of the foot.

Anyway, you know now the saga of the shoes and how his ulcers are doing. 

We hope everyone is having a wonderful week.  Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments and words of encouragement.  

Here are the prayer requests for today:  1.  Charlie’s foot to heal.  2. Finances   3. Fundraising  4.  A Kidney or live donor to become available.

Blessings to all.

Charlie & Sherrie


27 Jun

Today was dialysis day.  Charlie had a good session.  Then he came home and had lunch and waited on our grandson Dalton and his parents to arrive. They got her just after lunch and brought along Sadie, their new doberman puppy.  She’s cute, but VERY, VERY active!  They are staying overnight so that they can take me to an appointment tomorrow morning.  All of us (except Sadie) are going to go.  Should be fun. 

Charlie has been busy working on the movie ministry that he started at our church.  He’s been calling all around to try and find donors to give us door prizes.  He’s been quite successful so far.  Keeps him busy during the day.  Keeps us both inside out of the blistering heat we are having.  Today it was 106 degrees.  We broke the record of 103.  The next few days are going to be hot ones too.  Usually this happens later in the summer. 

Well, that’s about it for today, not much out of the ordinary. 

Prayer requests are pretty much the same.  1. Charlie’s foot to heal.  2. Finances.  3. Fundraising.  4. Kidney or live donor to come.

Blessings to all.

Charlie & Sherrie

The Foot…..

25 Jun

Well, it was a very quiet weekend.  We start the week with a trip back to the Podiatrist. The foot is looking better, the ulcer on the side is closing and the toe color is a bit better.  Keeping off of it and in the wheelchair when Charlie has to go somewhere has made a bit of a difference.  Now, if we can just get the toe and the side of the foot to clear we will be set.  Healing that foot has been the longest healing ever.  

I think that the appointment tomorrow is actually the only one for this week, unless the podiatrist wants us to go back to the wound clinc.  I hope not.  I think it’s doing well right now, they may still want to do an MRI of the toe, we’ll see tomorrow. 

Our prayer requests for today:  1. Healing of the foot.  2.  Finances.  3. Fundraising.  4.  A kidney or live donor for transplant.

Blessings to all and thanks to those who have sent encouraging words.

Charlie & Sherrie



21 Jun

Hi All.

So, today I called the Transplant coordinator to check and see if they had changed Charlie’s status yet.  The Transplant coordinator asked why we had the test done.  I told her we did it so that we could complete all that they wanted to reactivate Charlie on the transplant list.  I then reminded her that I had faxed the results to her so that she could bring Charlie’s information to the comittee. That conversation was about 2 weeks ago now.  She then remembered the conversation.   She was to have done it no later than this past Tuesday.  I was very frustrated when she informed me that she didn’t bring the information before comittee.  She then told me she was going to go find a doctor and have them give the okay, and she would call back as soon as she did that.   She did call back and she did say that Charlie has been reactivated on the list.   I think I got frustrated because she had given her word that she would take care of it if I faxed her the results from the doctor.  We are taking every step we can to make things easier for the staff at all of the clinics and they just don’t seem to understand where we are coming from.  I suppose I should not take it personally but I want Charlie to get that kidney.  If he is listed as on hold and not reactivated we could easily miss out on a chance for a kidney.  He is at number 25 on the list and we want him to keep progressing up the list so that he gets all the way to the top.  It’s taken 7 years to get this far so time is important.

Charlie had a good dialysis day.   No bleeding!!  Yeah.  He was really worn out after the session today.  Lunch and then he napped.  We changed the bandages on the foot tonight.  The side of the foot is looking good.  The toe is a little better, we go back to see the Podiatrist on Monday.  She will make a decision then on further treatment if she feels it is necessary.  We have the wheelchair until further notice.  Not His favorite thing but he will grow to like it.

Tomorrow we get to spend time with our Grandson Dalton, he’s 4.  He always brightens up the day.  He’ll be here around 7am.  He loves to play with his Papa’s firetruck.  Last time he was here he said he wants to be a firefighter like Papa and share his badge.  It was cute.  Anyway, getting the blog done early cause we need to be up early.

The prayer requests for today:  1. Charlie’s foot to heal.  2. Finances  3. Fundraising  4. A kidney or live donor for transplant.

Thanks for stopping by.  Blessings to each of you.

Charlie & Sherrie

Already Tuesday….

20 Jun

So here we are already on Tuesday.  Don’t know where Monday went.  We did go to register Charlie for courses at school.  Thankfully that went well.  We also went to the Financial Aid office to check and see if all was in order with his paperwork.  We hadn’t heard since we filed his FAFSA.  We were informed that he doesn’t qualify for a pell grant this year.  The reason….we (I worked part of last year) make to much money.  That kind of brought the mood down a bit.  We are still wondering if that information is correct.  Later this week I will be checking further into that.  Hopefully he will be eligible for assistance through DARS for books.  Why things have to be so expensive I will never know.

Charlie is settling in to the idea of having to use the wheelchair.  It’s bulky and heavy and all, but if this is what will help his foot to heal then that’s what’s got to be.  Currently the foot is healing a bit, but the side and that toe are just not doing what we need them too, especially the toe.  We will be going back to see the Podiatrist next week to see what she thinks.  We also have to go back to the wound care clinic so they can make a decision regarding possibly using a graft of pig skin or human cells on the ulcer on the side of the foot.

Things are going okay other wise.  We are still trying to get the fundraising going, we are waiting on approval from the church for one of the fundraisers.  Hopefully they will approve it and then we can set a date and time and get moving with this.  The funds need to start getting put into the account so that we are okay with the bills.  It’s amazing how quickly medical bills add up.  Not having the medicare supplement has really caused us a great deal of debt.  Some of you are aware that Charlie lost his medicare supplement in July.  The American Kidney Fund used to pay the premium for all dialysis patients.  On June 30th the stopped paying for anyone who’s premium was over $500.00.  Charlies was just over $600 so they dropped him.  They didn’t offer any assistance in trying to find something else for those who were over.  I suspect the reason they didn’t do anything was because there are no insurance companies that want to take anyone who has End Stage Renal Disease.  So, as a result we have to pay 20% of all of his doctor, hospital, and procedure bills.  Those have added up way to quick, starting with the double by-pass that he had in August.  It’s hard. Me not having any insurance at all makes it that much harder.  We have so many places calling us wanting payments and there is only so much money to go around.  We just have to pay a little at a time to whoever we can. 

We are both thankful for all of those who are praying for us.  We need prayer support and a money tree.  🙂  God will provide, he has up until now and I don’t think he’s just going to stop. 

So, here are the prayer requests for today:  1. Charlie’s foot to heal.  2.  Finances.   3. School.  4.  Fundraising.  5.  A kidney or live donor. 

We hope that each of you has a wonderful week.

Blessings to all.

Charlie & Sherrie


Long week…..

17 Jun

Hi Everyone,

Well I suppose I should start with yesterday.  Sorry for not posting last night.  When we got home from the movie night I sat down and fell asleep, didn’t wake up until this morning.  So, last night we had the movie ministry movie night.  We never know how many will show up, so we just go and wait for those that God wants to see the movie!  We actually had 13 there last night, that’s the largest group yet.  It was a really good movie and afterwards we gave out door prizes, everyone that was a first timer got a doorprize.  It was a lot of fun.  We made popcorn, and had pizza.  This is Charlie’s ministry and he was so happy last night, because we had more people and there were even a couple that go to his dialysis with him.  They both won a prize!  It is a lot of work, but we are seeing more people interested and people from the community coming.  That was what made him so excited.  I love to see him happy! 

Today was dialysis day.  Things went well at the clinic but then he rode for an hour and a half on VIA.  That didn’t make him very happy.  Maybe if he could see where he was it would be different, but not being able to tell where he is and not being able to see what’s happening makes for a frustrating and boring ride. 

Tomorrow we have a breakfast at church in honor of Father’s Day and then we will be going to our daughter’s for a cookout.  It will be good to see her and her family. 

Monday starts another week of appointments and meetings.  It won’t be as packed as this week (thank goodness).  Hopefully we will hear from the Transplant coordinator this week regarding reactivating Charlie on the Transplant list.  We are both praying that there will be no more road blocks and that he will be active again.  We will also be contacting the Help Hope Live coordinator too, we have two ideas for fundraisers that we need to run by them.  Hopefully a decision will be made in that regard too.  It would be good to have that decision made and then we can start reserving places and calling around for donations.  We will publish more information as soon as we have the final decision made.

Well, that’s it for tonight.  Happy Father’s Day to all of the Father’s out there.  Here are the prayer requests for today: 1. Charlie’s foot to heal.  2. School registration to go well.  3. Fundraising.  4. A kidney or live donor. 

Thanks to those who have visited and those who have been praying.  We both appreciate them. 

Blessings to all.

Charlie & Sherrie


School, foot, movies….

14 Jun

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know what happened with the English placement test.  Charlie called his counselor and found out that he missed passing the placement test by 1 point,  yes….1 POINT.  What a bummer.  We will still be going on Monday and will see what other class he can take besides that English.  He will then register for the Fall Semester.  English will wait until next semester.

Today we got the wheelchair.  When we called to check with VIA Trans about his long term assigned runs for dialysis we were told that he would have to go on regular call in times for dialysis.  They apparently don’t have a van that can accomodate a folded wheelchair.  So, we are going to wheel him to the van, and he will have to walk to and from the van at dialysis.  Other than that we will have him in the wheelchair.  It’s not the way Charlie would really like it but right now that’s what we have to do to try and get this toe and side of the foot taken care of.  It’s been a long road trying to get this foot healed.  Hopefully keeping off of it will help fix it.

Tomorrow we have our grandson Dalton for a while in the morning.  Then we have to get to the church and get ready for Oak Ridge After Dark movie night.  We are looking forward to seeing who God will bring to the movie this month.  It will be fun.

It looks like we may have a couple of ideas for fundraisers so stay tuned for more info on that soon.  We will be contacting the Help Hope Live counselor next week to discuss the ideas and then will be looking at calendaring for the events.

Well, that’s pretty much it for today.  We hope each of you are doing well and had a great week.

Our prayer requests for today: 1. Charlie’s foot.  2. Registration for school.  3. Fundraising.  4. A kidney or live donor.

Blessings to everyone,

Charlie & Sherrie



12 Jun

Hi All,

Well, we went to the Podiatrist today.  She looked at the foot and agreed that the toe looks like it needs an MRI to check and see what’s going on inside.  The toe looks dusky.  She wants him to stay off of it for another 10 days and then come back to see her.  So, she wrote a perscription for a wheelchair and for a new pair of shoes.  Unfortunately Charlie has already gotten his pair for the year through Medicare.  The new shoes are about $80 per pair.  Right now we don’t have the money for that so she also told us to go to New Balance and get some inserts, they cost about $40 a pair.  She said that she thinks the problem with the toes is from pressure, she thinks the custome inserts that came with the shoes are too hard for his foot. So we will get the wheelchair tomorrow.  It wasn’t really what Charlie wanted to hear at this point, but we will do whatever we have to to get this foot healed.

Then we found out that there are no reservations with VIA tomorrow, so we won’t be able to get to the school and get him registered.  Charlie will call the counselor tomorrow to at least find out if he passed the English Comp placement test.  We will have to schedule the registration for next week because there is no time for it the rest of this week. 

All in all today was a bit stressful and disappointing.  We will get up tomorrow and it will be a better day.

Thanks to all who have visited and have written and are praying.  Today’s prayer requests are:  1. Charlie’s feet.  2. Charlie’s grades and registration. 3. Fundraising.  4. A kidney or live donor.

Blessings to all.

Charlie & Sherrie


12 Jun

So today we were supposed to go to the Podiatrist so she could check Charlie’s foot.  The shuttle was to be here at 8:45 this morning and didn’t get here until 9:15.  His appointment was for 9:20.  We called the podiatrist and she was only going to be in until noon today and her schedule was packed.  So we rescheduled the appointmet for tomorrow right after dialysis.  Charlie will come home at 11 or so and then we will leave on the shuttle at noon for his 1:00 appointment.   Hopefully all will go well and we will be able to see the doctor.  So instead we went around to different businesses to ask for doorprize donations for the Movie ministry.  It was pretty successful.

Tomorrow will be very busy, but we will make it.  Kim and Dalton are coming down.  Dalton always adds a spark to the day.  He is only 4 but he understands so much.  They are going to come here because our son-in-law will be coming in from Cotulla, where he works.  He works with the oil company and is gone two weeks and home two weeks. 

That’s pretty much all that’s happening here.  Prayer requests for today are:  1. Charlie’s feet healing.  2. Charlie’s school registration.  3. Fundraising.  4. A kidney or live donor. 

Blessings to everyone.

Charlie & Sherrie

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