10 May

Hi Everyone,

So, today we went to the Podiatrist.  She looked at the ulcers on Charlie’s feet and was pleased with the healing. The reason I made the appointment was two fold.  I wanted her to look at the ulcers and calluses on his feet, the second reason was out of concern about the last two toes on his left foot.  One of them has a blister that keeps leaking water, the other has a soft spot on it.  Both are discolored a bit.  I knew that with the surgery he had on his legs in January and February, there was a possibility that he could have a clot or two break off and go to the extremities, that is why I made the appointment for him.

As I said the doctor was impressed with the progress on the wounds and was pleased that we were able to get in with the wound care clinic.  She, like I, is concerned about the toes and would like him to see the Vascular doctor with in a week.  I showed her how we have been bandaging everything and she approved.  🙂  Then she told me I missed my calling, she said I should be a wound care specialist.  It made me happy that I could do something right that was helping Charlie. 

Tomorrow (oh, it’s after midnight so I guess it’s really today), I will call the vascular clinic and try to get him in to see someone as soon as possible. Hopefully they can give us an answer and we can get the toes taken care of as soon as possible.

Prayer requests for today:  1. Charlie’s foot ulcers, and circulation.   2. Charlie’s test next Wednesday, to check on elasticity of his bladder.                3. Fundraising for his pre and post transplant expenses.  4. A Kidney!

Thanks to all who have visited.  If you get a chance please leave some encouraging words for Charlie.  He tries very hard to remain positive but this whole foot thing is really bothering him.  The other thing is the fact that he is currently inactive on the list because of the 1 test that still needs to be run.  We know that if a kidney were to come right now he would not be able to get it because he is coded as inactive and even if he weren’t he couldn’t get it because of the open wounds. 

Please keep us in prayer and we will you too.

Blessings to all.

Charlie & Sherrie


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