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Is it Friday yet??

31 May

Good Afternoon All,

I don’t know why but this seems to be the longest week ever.  Sorry for the lack of posting last night.  We got home from church and both of us fell asleep watching TV, guess it was all those carbs at dinner.  🙂  We have had a pretty good day.  Charlie did dialysis this morning and then laid down for his usual nap.  I hate the way the dialysis drains him so,  he will be so glad when his kidney finally gets here, as will I. 

Continue to pray for his foot, his toe in particular, it doesn’t seem to be healing as well as we would like it to.  We have an appointment with his podiatrist on the 11th, but I think we may call and move that up.  I am concerned that there may be an infection there, and possibly on the side of the foot, if so I want to get the antibiotic right away.  We’ll see what Dr. Jessica says.

Other than that life is pretty much rolling along.  We are working on fundraising ideas and venues, as soon as we have the information available y’all will be the first to know! 

Here are today’s prayer requests:  1. Charlie’s foot.  2. Charlie’s test results (the last one will be available next Wednesday).  3. Fundraising.   4. The kidney or live donor.

We pray each of you had a great week and will have a wonderful weekend.

Blessings to all.

Charlie & Sherrie


29 May

Hi Everyone,

Sorry we haven’t posted for a few days, Sherrie has been sick and Charlie doesn’t do blogging very well as he is blind.  Anyway, we have received the results from the PSA checking for any cancer in the prostate.  All is well and he doesn’t have to do any further testing for that.  YEAH….another step over with.  We go next Wednesday to get the results from the test they did to check the elasticity of his bladder.  Once we have those results they will reactivate him on the list. 

Next week we also go back to the college for Charlie to take his English writing evaluation.  Once that is done he will be able to register for his classes for the next semester.  We are gearing up for a good semester, starting in August.  I will be going with Charlie so that he has a note taker.  It will sure make studying and reading for him much easier.  I have been his tutor and reader since he began school 2 years ago.  It’s always a challenge when he gives me the notes that someone else has taken.  

One more exciting thing.  We have opened Charlie’s page at and we have had a couple of people contact us regarding donations.  It’s exciting to see all of this unfolding.  We are still looking for really good fundraising ideas.  Please feel free to post anything that you can think of.

So for now that’s what’s happening here in our world.

Our prayer requests for tonight are: 1. Prayer for Charlie’s foot to heal.  It looks okay in one spot but the other is not clearing as quickly. 2. Test results that are okay and Charlie be reactivated.  3. Results from the English writing evaluation are acceptable.  4. Fundraising  5. Kidney or live donor to come.

Blessings to each of you.

Charlie & Sherrie




25 May

Hi Everyone,

Well today we went to the test for Charlie’s bladder elasticity.  It wasn’t very pleasant for Charlie.  If he could have run out of the place when it was over I think he would have.  Thanks for all of the prayer support, he definitely needed it. Now we wait until the 4th of June and then go see the doctor and get the results.  Once we have them we will contact Methodist Transplant and make sure they get them so that the surgeon can see them and let us know where we go from here.

We also got an email today from our coordinator at HelpHOPELive.  They are the ones that are going to help us fundraise.  They sent the biographical material for his page on their site.  It is really good.  We should have his page up and running sometime next week.  This blog will probably be connected to that page over the weekend or early next week.  Getting that information from them today has made us realize that we are quickly heading to the start of fundraising officially.  It’s all becoming quite real now. 

So, that’s pretty much it for today.  Prayer requests are:  1. Pray for the results of the test to be good.  2. Healing of the feet.  3. A kidney or live donor.  4. School registration to not have any more road blocks.

Thanks to all who are coming here and checking the blog.  We are glad to see that there is a loyal following.

Blessings to all.

Charlie & Sherrie

School Days, School Days….

25 May

Hi Everyone.   Well, let’s see, what’s been happening around here.  Yesterday Charlie and I went to San Antonio College to try and register him for the next semester.  We were given information on the move that the Disability Services department is due to make in July.  It’s not a good move for any of the people that the DSS services.  The students that are blind or in wheelchairs are going to have a very hard time accessing the building.  There are steep ramps, there is no one to watch the area they have to wait in until their rides arrive.  It’s not safe at all.  We are going to contact American with Disability people tomorrow to let them know what’s happening.  The building they are going to does not meet ADA requirements.  The DSS staff and students were not consulted on any of the building plans and therefore there are many modifications that need to be made to meet the needs of the students.  Sad isn’t it.  Charlie is going to contact his congressman too because it’s a state school.  So that took up most of the time that we spent with the counselor.  She went to register Charlie for classes and found that there was a test he needed to take for finacial aid, one that the school required.  We also have to contact Wayland Baptist regarding some of the requirements he will need to transfer his credits to that school.  So much to think about.  He also has another test that he will have to take so that he can register for his English class. We are scheduled to go back for the English test and to complete registration on June 4th.  He will then be registering for English Competition, Spanish, and First Aid.  Looks like I will be going with him to be his notetaker and guide.  At least that way when he goes to study I won’t have to guess what the notes were about.  That has been a challenge since the beginning, as I have been his reader and tutor since he started in school.  It’s been exciting to see how well he has done. 

Today we tried something new for dialysis.  Turns out that the dialysis clinic he goes to is running out of Lydicane and they are having the lydicane ointment sent to the patients, we have to put it on the access area on his arm an hour before he gets in the chair and then wrap the site with saran wrap.  So, this morning at 5:15 I put it on and then wrapped his arm with saran and he left for dialysis.  He came home and said that he felt nothing…. YEAH, IT WORKED.   So he no longer has to have the shot of Lydicane anymore, that is a relief. 

Tomorrow morning at 8:00am Charlie will have his test to check the elasticity of his bladder.  He’s really quite nervous over this one test.  Once it is done we will get the results in about 2 weeks.  Once they come they will be sent to the doctor.  We will go back then and see him.  He didn’t seem to feel that there will be any problem with the test.  If that is so then the information will go to the surgeon and he will be put back on the transplant active list.  That will be a definite load off his shoulders.  Transfering him to this new Transplant Center has really been quite the feat.  What was explained to us as an easy process had turned into a virtual nightmare.  It’s nice that we are almost at the end of the mess.

Thanks again for stopping to visit with us we appreciate the fact that all of y’all have been here and have been praying for Charlie.  We feel the prayers…that’s for sure.  Here are the prayer requests for today:  1. Please pray for the test today (Friday, May 25th).   2. Pray for Charlie’s foot to heal. 3. Please pray for Charlie’s school situation.  4. Pray about the fundraising.  5.  Pray for a kidney or a live donor.

Blessings to each of you.

Charlie & Sherrie

Sunday Sunday

20 May

Well, today we went to church, then to the grocery store.  Charlie didn’t have his Thursday Pizza, so we got the ingrediants and made pizza for a late lunch.  Should have made a list because I forgot things.  We watched a movie tonight that was really bad.  The acting really wasn’t good and the ending made no sense.  You may be thinking how does a blind man watch movies.  Close your eyes and “watch” TV.  Leaves a lot to the imagination huh?  Charlie and I watch movies all of the time.  He listens and when it’s just noise I tell him what is going on.  We even go to the movie theater, once in a while.  Charlie is getting mentally prepared for the test on Friday, he is very nervous about the test. 

This week we will be working on Charlie’s movie ministry, going out and asking for more donations for door prizes from local merchants.  I will keep him busy.  The movie ministry seems to be growing.   We will also be working on fundraising things and registering for the next semester of college.  It’s going to be a busy week.

Thanks again for stopping by.  Feel free to leave a word of encouragement.  Prayer requests for today:  1. Charlie’s test on Friday,  2. Registration for school.  3. Fundraising.  4. Kidney or live donor.

Blessings to all.

Charlie & Sherrie

Serene Saturday

20 May

Hi All,

Well, today was Charlie’s dialysis day.  All went well, he bled a little but wasn’t bad.  We didn’t do much of anything today, except sleep.  Tomorrow is church and then grocery shopping.  It’s nice to have a quiet day once in a while.  It balances the crazy weeks.  This week coming Charlie will be going to school on Wednesday to get enrolled for the next semester.  His plan right now is to take a full course load, please keep him in prayer as courses are selected and he gets geared up for school.  This will be the first time he has taken a full course load as he has not been physically able to do it thus far in his school career.  He is praying that now that he has had his heart repaired and his legs done he will be more phyically prepared for all of the walking on campus.  Then on Friday he will be going for the test to check the elasticity of his bladder.  The test will be uncomfortable, this he has already been dealing with.  He is not looking forward to the test and as it gets closer he gets more nervous about it.  That’s pretty much all that’s on the calendar thus far for this week.  Hopefully not too much more excitement happens.

Thanks for stopping in and checking out the blog.  We appreciate comments and answer them as soon as possible.  Here are the prayer requests for this week:  1. Charlie’s testing, 2. School enrollment.  3. Fundraising  4. A kindney or a live donor.

Blessings to all,

Charlie & Sherrie



Let the Fundraising Begin

19 May

Hi Everyone,

Well we have started on another part of the Kidney Transplant journey.  Today the first donation to Charlie’s restricted fund at Help Hope Live, so we have officially begun fundraising for Charlie’s pre and post Transplant expenses.  The biographical material for Charlies webpage on the Help Hope Live site have been submitted for editing, The picture was sent.  Now we are waiting for the edited version of the biographical material.  As soon as all of that is set I will be posting the URL for the webpage.  This blog will be connected to that too.  Once the webpage is up donations can be made through the webpage.  At this point all donations will be sent to Help Hope Live.  The donations for events and all will be tax deductable using IRS guidelines.  This is all very exciting.  We will keep y’all posted as to the events that are planned, when and where they will be happening and pictures from the events will be posted too.

So keep checking back and seeing what’s happening in Charlie’s world.  Oh, he wanted me to mention the movie night tonight.  Things went really well tonight and people loved the movie.  We had a wonderful donation of popcorn bags, popcorn buttersalt, popcorn oil, lemonade and a 50 pound bag of popcorn – that should last us a while. 🙂 It was a good nite.

Prayer requests:  1. Charlie’s test next Friday.  2. Fundraising  3. A kidney!

Blessings to all.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Charlie & Sherrie



And Now….

17 May

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note today as not much has happened.  Charlie had dialysis today but nothing out of the ordinary occurred. The big thing today was we submitted the paperwork to Help Hope Live so that they can begin working on the web page with their organization. 

For those that don’t know what’s happening let me explain.  Charile is going to need about $50,000 or more to cover pre and post transplant expenses.  In order for us to get that kind of money we are going to have to do some fundraising.  The non-profit group Help Hope Live is there to assist folks like us.  They create a restricted account for funds donated for Charlie.  The account will be for his expenses and they will pay the bills for us, we just need to submit the bills to them.   They will also create a web page for him on their website.  Once the first $25.00 donation is made they will open the web page and people will be able to donate via the web.  If anyone wants anymore information please contact us via this blog or by email at

This is a big step for us, we are looking for ideas for fundraisers. Every idea is run by the Help Hope Live organization so that they can make sure the function is something that meets the IRS rules and regulations.  They then assist with marketing the function too.   They are definitely a God send as they help to make things not seem so overwhelming. 

Anyway, that’s about it for today.  Prayer requests remain the same:  1. Charlie’s test next Friday  2. Fundraising  3. A kidney or a donor

Testing Pending…..

16 May

So we went to the Urologist today expecting for the test to be done.  They didn’t do it.  Instead they did some bloodwork and a prostate exam.  The test that Charlie was worrying about will not be done until next Friday, May 25th at 8:00am.  He wasn’t happy about the fact that the test was not going to be done today as he will now will be nervous over getting it done now until next week.  Please keep him in prayer.

On the good side of things….the doctor does not think that there was any prostate cancer.  Charlie had a stroke that has affected his long term memory and based on whathe has been able to remember about the prostate incident the doctor thinks that he may have had some testing done in the past to rule out prostate cancer instead of actually having the cancer.  What Charlie can remember was only 2 treatments of some kind after his PSA numbers were high. The doctor said that that would not be enough treatments to have done anything for the cancer if there was any.   This was very good news.  He did the blood work to check the PSA and then did a prostate exam and said the prostate feels normal. We will have the bloodwork results soon.  He doesn’t think that there will be a problem with the bladder either.  So we will do the test next week, have to wait for a week and a half for the results (that was a bummer to hear) and then we will have an answer from the surgeon.  I truely believe with all of the prayers being offered up for Charlie at this time things will go fine.

We ordered supplies today to treat the wounds on his foot.  I am so pleased with the healing I am watching on the foot right now, it’s great.  The other thing that is great is that Medicare will take care of the supplies that we have had to buy recently.  We have been keeping Johnson and Johnson and Neosporin in business lately.  I was very pleased when I called the company that the wound care office ordered from to do a reorder and found out there was more that they could send than was sent originally.  Thank you God!!!

I also talked to the fundraising people today.  I will be faxing the paperwork to them tomorrow then all we have to do is get the first $25.00 donation and we will be able to open the web page with Help Hope Live and people will be allowed to make donations via the web. 

Things are going pretty well right now and we are definitely taking advantage of that.  God has been good to us and we are very grateful.

Today’s prayer requests: 1. Charlie’s test next Friday – please pray that his nerves don’t get the best of him, when they do he has trouble with his stomach.  2. Fundraising.  3. The kidney.

Thanks again to all who have stopped by and for those who have written.  Thanks also for those who are praying we really need the support.  We pray each of you have a blessed week.

Charlie & Sherrie


16 May

Hi Everyone,

Well, later on this morning is the test that Charlie has been dreading for a week now.  I am asking for prayer from those who do pray.  He is really nervous about it because when he had it done once before it was very uncomfortable and the people that did the test were not very compassionate. I tried talking to him about it tonight and he said that just thinking about it made him feel sick.  I am praying that the way the test is conducted is more comfortable for him and that the people who are conducting the test will take the time to listen to him and will try to help him feel a bit better about it.  I know that it’s hard for him to deal with some things, especially because he can’t see what’s happening so the he knows what folks are doing.  If  people would just take the time to listen and to tell him what they are doing they would help him a great deal. 

Hopefully, once this test is done, we will know by the end of the week if they will be able to reactivate him on the transplant list.  The good thing is that he will remain at the same spot he was on before deactivation occured so he won’t have to restart anything. 

Now for some good news.  The foot is actually beginning to look better.  We have a ways to go but the ulcer on the top of the foot is closing up nicely.  The one on the side is much deeper, but it too is beginning to close.  I sincerely believe that the prayers that are being said are what is helping this to come along as nicely as it is.  I appreciate the time y’all are taking to pray for healing.

We will be sending in the final paperwork to the fundraising people this week.  That should get the ball rolling for us to start seriously looking at fundraising opportunities and people to assist with them.  It’s exciting and overwhelming at the same time.  We know that we need to get this moving because we will need to gather the funds so that we will be able to pay the bills as they come in once the transplant is done. 

So, here are the prayer requests:  1.  Charlie’s test later this morning (it’s at 8:30am).  2.  Reactivation on transplant list.  3. Fundraising.  4. Kidney.

Thanks again for stopping by.  If you would like to leave some encouraging words for Charlie it would be very much welcome right now. 

Blessings to all.

Charlie & Sherrie

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