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The Donor List

31 Mar

Today we heard from the Trasnplant Coordinator at the Transplant Institute that the meeting that they were to have had on Tuesday didn’t happen.  Apparently all of the doctors were doing transplants.  I suppose that is a good thing because in order for Charlie to move up on the list people before him have to get transplants. The meeting is rescheduled for next Tuesday.  That will give them time for the ultrasound and chest x-ray results to be available, and hopefully all of Charlie’s records will have gotten to them.  Waiting is always the hardest part of things isn’t it?

So, our prayer requests are not that different from yesterday.  Pray that the kidney comes soon.  Pray for us as we move forward with fundraising ideas and helpers.  Pray also for the spot on Charlie’s foot to heal completely, it’s almost there! 

Thanks again to all who are visiting and please leave words of encouragement or prayers for Charlie.

Blessings to all,

Charlie & Sherrie


Another Dialysis Day

30 Mar

Today is Thursday.  Day two of this week’s dialysis.  Charlie did well and was really tired today.  Usually Tuesday is the worst day as he has been 2 days withour dialysis, but today seemed to be right along the same line as Tuesday was in terms of his being worn out.  He usually naps for about 6 hours after dialysis, but today he was having pain in his feet from neuropathy.  For those who haven’t experienced this, it’s like a constant pain and burning.  There is nothing that relieves it.  This is all part of the diabetes. 

Our prayer for today is that Charlie will find relief from the pain of neuropathy.  Prayer also for the kidney that God has for him.  Prayer for us to know who to ask for help and what to do as far as fundraising goes.

We thank you that have come to visit Charlie’s blog and hope that you will feel free to leave words of encouragement and prayers. 

Blessings to all.

Charlie and Sherrie

Thanking God for Everything

29 Mar

Today was a quiet day.  Not much happening until evening.  We went to Prayer Meeting at church.  It’s such a good time of fellowship and sharing prayers is such a blessing.  Speaking of blessings, God sent us one today.  We had a need and were praying and as usual God took care of it.  He is so awesome. 

Charlie and Sampson were playing and Sampson got a bit frisky and bit Charlie’s hand.  As Charlie was reprimanding him he bit the other one.   Charlie went to Church tonight looking like he had been in a fight….bandages on both hands he seems to be okay tonight.  He’s got the hands bandaged, the wound on the foot bandaged, and his knee is all scraped up from when he fell at the doctor yesterday.  Tomorrow he’ll have dialysis and come home with two more bandages.  What a week he has had. 

Please continue to pray for Charlie and his health.  We pray everyday that the kidney will come soon.  As I have said before, we know that it will be here in God’s time so we sit and patiently wait.  We pray also for the fundraising that needs to be done and for God to show us who we need to ask for help.  We both want all of this to be what God wants us to be doing, not just what we think we should do.  Please pray for us to know what is and what is not God’s will in the days to come. 

Thanks to all who visit here.  Please feel free to leave a comment or a word of encouragement or prayer.  God’s blessings to all.

Charlie and Sherrie



28 Mar

So when we went through the registration at the Transplant Institute we had to meet with a bunch of people.  Everyone we talked to was wonderful.  They took the time to make sure that all of our questions were answered and provided us with contact information incase we had more questions.  One of the people that we met with was our Social Worker, Theresa,  she asked us questions and we answered.  She knows that we are very tight on funds and we don’t have any further avenues we can tap for money.  She provided us with two Fundraising companies.  These companies assist you in holding fundraisers to help cover the costs that we will incur when he has the transplant and the medications he will have to take afterwards. 

Today we contacted the company and I talked with a wonderful woman named Liz.  She was incredibly helpful and had all kinds of answers for all of the questions I had.  She’s mailing the information to me and told me to contact people who I thought might be willing to hold some type of fundraiser.  She told me that the fundraisers do not have to be local, and that anyone can help raise funds if they want to.  I began contacting people today.  It’s kind of exciting.  I’m looking forward to talking with more people through the coming weeks.

We know that God has the perfect kidney for Charlie and we prayerfully await the call for him to come to the hospital and get it.  Please join us in prayer and be sure to check back with us to see what’s happening as we travel this road.

Thanks for stopping by.  Feel free to comment if you like.



In the Beginning……

27 Mar

  Hello everyone….Let me introduce you to  my husband Charlie and his buddy Sampson.  They are inseperable.  Charlie is awaiting a kidney transplant.  He has been on the transplant list for seven years now.  He is blind as a result of diabetes.  He is also on dialysis three days  a week. He is in end stage renal failure (ESRD).  In August he got his heart fixed with a double by-pass.  In January and February he had angioplasties done in each leg to clear out the blockages there.  So now we are ready for the kidney.  This will be a blog of the things we encounter as we await the kidney.  Please feel free to comment and check back with us as we travel this road.

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